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Eclectic Connections and Ruminations

The Gospel According to Mandy

While comparing how other people classify me, I've come to the conclusion that it might be a good thing to write a series of essays to explain my views of the world.

I have at various times been classified as a conservative, a liberal, a pagan, a Christian fundamentalist, a rebel, a conformist, a very good and wise person as well as an evil and dangerous woman. My friends consider me ecletic, eccentric and entertaining.

Anyway, before you jump right into my philosophies, it would be best if you read the very first essay on Symbolism first. It will make the other essays more understandable.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a General Authority of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. While I try to cross-reference my ideas and beliefs, the opinions expressed within these essays are mine and mine alone. It is only the Twelfth Article of Faith and the cost of airfare that keeps me from reserving the right to hunt you down and hit you upside of the head with a neon-colored Nerf(R) bat if you do use my writings out of context to bear false witness or commit blasphemy. But bear in mind, I am not above fraternizing with lawyers.

I've decided not to friend people automatically to this journal because it's not my main journal and I don't want my non-Mormon friends to feel uneasy being listed here. But if you want me too, I can add you.